Peter will fight for a bright future for our communities. As a leader, he has already worked tirelessly to provide fair, accessible and accountable leadership to constituents. Now, he wants to take that experience and passion to Harrisburg for everyone in the 171st.

Peter's Background

As chairman of the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors, Peter championed environmental security and protection issues, maintained a strong economy, and stood up for all citizens.

As an award-winning teacher with a Ph.D. in education and an employee of Penn State, Peter has worked to advance educational excellence for today and tomorrow.

Through service and membership in community non-profits, Peter has supported land conservation, local agriculture, outdoor recreation, and community connections.

The Buck Stops Here

Peter believes in accountability to citizens and taxpayers. His work with his fellow supervisors earned Ferguson Township awards for their budgets, never raised taxes, earned a Moody's AAA Bond Rating all while providing excellent services, pushing forward innovative capital projects, and passing groundbreaking legislation. He will bring vision, commitment, and oversight to Harrisburg. Whether it's auditing waste in charter schools, advancing economic opportunity for all, ensuring rural health services, securing environmental integrity, or guaranteeing government oversight, Peter will bring his experience and focus to work for the 171st district.


We need a wave of new candidates who have fresh ideas about how to get our Commonwealth back on track, and we need representatives who can legislate with the future of the world in mind, not just the present.

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