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Peter Buck believes we owe our children and grandchildren a just and sustainable future. That's why he has worked in education for his entire professional life. He has taught boys at Kiski Prep and graduate students in Penn State's Architecture and Bioethics programs, collaborated with fifth-grade teachers to teach about land use and Law students to facilitate public deliberations. He's worked to create new positions in solar education and supported career and technical educators.

At the end of the day, Peter knows that people deserve to be treated well and be given the chance to achieve their dreams in our democratic republic on a thriving planet.


Peter has a track record of service. As a Ferguson Township supervisor, worked on award-winning budgets, never raised taxes, and earned a Moody's AAA Bond Rating. At every turn, he took opportunities to support youth. This included the development of a new park, by visiting Scout troops, and by teaching classes throughout the District. 


Peter has continued to bring vision, commitment, transparency and passion that will keep SCASD working for our kids, our parents, our taxpayers, and our teachers.

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At the age of four, Peter Buck woke his parents up in the middle of the night: "Mom, I want to talk about triceratops." Today, he and his family are as likely to talk about climate change, the Constitution, or the American Civil War as they are to talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe or music. He is a curious, creative, and passionate person who believes in the promise of a great education.

Peter is an award-winning teacher and one of central Pennsylvania's most prominent, forward-thinking homegrown civic leaders. Over the last 20 years, he has taught in secondary schools and higher education. At Penn State, he leads system-wide educational and sustainability initiatives.

In local government and non-profits, Peter has proved to be an exemplary public servant. He was elected to the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors in 2015. Over the last 6 years he has served in the Centre Region Council of Governments, the Spring Creek Watershed Commission, as vice-chair of the regional Climate Action and Adaptation Planning Technical Advisory Working Group and Chair of the intergovernmental Solar Power Purchase Agreement Working Group. Additionally, is President for the Penns Valley Conservation Association, President-Elect of the Pennsylvania Environmental Resource Consortium, and serves on the Board of the Penns Woods Music Festival.

He earned his Ph.D. in Educational Theory and Policy from Penn State in 2015.

Peter lives in Lemont with his son, Sacha. 


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