Peter's Background

As chairman of the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors, Peter championed  transparency, environmental security, maintained a strong economy, and listened to all citizens. As a Representative, he will do the same for the citizens of the 171st House District.

Peter is an award-winning teacher with a Ph.D. in education. At Penn State, the Kiski School and years of cooperative projects with career and technical and traditional public schools, Peter has worked to advance educational excellence for today and tomorrow.

Through leadership and service in national, statewide, and community organizations, Peter has supported  public health, racial and economic equality, land conservation, sustainable agriculture, outdoor recreation, education and community connections.

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The Buck Stops Here

Peter believes everyone deserves a fair shot at a bright future, and as State Representative he'll fight for that. With his fellow supervisors, he earned Ferguson Township awards for their budgets, never raised taxes, earned a Moody's AAA Bond Rating all while providing excellent services. He got body cameras on police officers and protected source water from polluters. He advanced affordable housing policy and supported community mental health and local food.


Peter will bring vision, commitment, transparency and oversight to Harrisburg. Whether it's committing to a bipartisan commission guided by public health officials to create our path forward on COVID-19, auditing our charter school system, advancing economic opportunity for all, ensuring rural health services, protecting our forests, streams and farms, championing renewable energy or unrigging gerrymandered maps, Peter will bring his experience and focus to work for the 171st district.




We need a wave of new candidates who have fresh ideas about how to get our Commonwealth back on track, and we need representatives who can legislate with the future of the world in mind, not just the present.

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