From the classroom to the Ferguson Township boardroom to the outdoors, Peter's servant leadership is always evident. His commitment to dignity, love for the Creation, and his desire for service have guided him on his political career.


Peter has been working in the community for over a decade. He has rooted his service the belief that everyone deserves a fair shake at a bright future.


He has a career of servant leadership and building teams. During this time of great disruption from COVID-19, you should know that Peter has:

  • Consulted with epidemiologists regularly to learn directly from them about the virus and what we can do as individuals and a community to stay on top of things.

  • Worked with nursing and public health experts from across the state over the years to advance good health and well-being for all.

  • Shared unemployment benefits and public health information to keep people secure in their homes and businesses.


In local government, Peter has been chair and vice-chair of the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors. He has also served on the Facilities and the Public Services and Environmental committees of the Centre Region Council of Governments, and on the Spring Creek Watershed Commission. In local and regional government he and the Board:

  • Worked with staff to maintain a healthy fund balance, not raise taxes, provide excellent services, and earn a Moody’s AAA Bond Rating.

  • Cooperated with the chief of police to adopt body cameras to protect citizens and police.

  • Led municipal and regional investment and legislation for green buildings, renewable energy, smart infrastructure, wise land use, and personnel to protect water, climate, and health.

  • Continues to chair a regional intergovernmental solar power purchase agreement working group.


Peter also works at Penn State University’s Sustainability Institute. He collaborates with teachers, students, staff, and community members on a wide variety of sustainability projects. Since 2014, he has:​

  • Worked with the Office of Physical Plant on the University’s solar power purchase agreement, currently the largest in the state.

  • Cooperated with state and local government, local authorities, schools, and libraries, retirement facilities, businesses, non-governmental organizations, and others on issues like climate change, land development, and issues of democracy and human health.

  • Performed audits and program evaluations of dozens of initiatives for their effectiveness.


Peter continues to serve on the executive committees of the Pennsylvania Environmental Resource Consortium and the Penns Valley Conservation Association. He lives in Houserville with his wife, Lexie, his son, Sacha, and their numerous pets. They prefer to spend their time in the Spring Creek Canyon, state game lands, and the Bald Eagle and Rothrock State Forests.


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