We need to cut through partisan politics to create a fairer funding formula so that every student gets an opportunity to succeed.



From Pre-K to higher education, whether focused on trades or research or the arts, our schools need better support from the state. In the 171st, we run the gamut and Peter will work to ensure that funding, programming, and support from the state meets our schools’ needs. Our children, our teachers and staff, and our communities should expect nothing less.

The 171st is home to rural and semi-urban school districts, to one of the finest career

and technical schools in the Commonwealth, and one of the nation’s premier universities. Over the last few decades, legislators have consistently underfunded schools at all levels, yanking support, and enforcing austerity measures. This has happened despite increased demands for special education, for testing, for our children’s entrance into an increasingly globalized and technologically complex economy, and for meaningful participation in the great American experiment with democracy. Meanwhile, the legislature has enabled so-called reforms that have siphoned tens of millions of taxpayer dollars into unaccountable charter schools.


Peter will fight to reform this system. He will:

  1. Push for charter school reforms to increase transparency and accountability.

  2. Work with teachers to advance education that creates a competent workforce for the future. He will fight for investments in teacher education and career and technical education programs that reflect dynamic changes in agriculture, energy, and tech.

  3. Empowers students to participate in democratic decision-making in their own schools.

  4. Work across the aisle to pass legislation to more equally fund schools across the Commonwealth, our state system of higher education, reduce the barrier between the haves and the have-nots, enable mobility while protecting communities, and remove the burden of school funding from rural schools.

  5. Reform the testing system in the state and advance standards that work for the 21st century, not special interests or bureaucrats in Washington, DC.


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