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We need focused, caring, and strong leaders to keep our schools on the right course.



Let's face it, preparing our kids to lead healthy professional, civic, and personal lives in a rapidly changing world is a challenge. In Pennsylvania, our Commonwealth Constitution requires that we deliver a "thorough and efficient" system of education. This takes time, people, money, and dedication to a higher common good. 


We in the State College Area School District and see successes in both thoroughness and efficiency. SCASD is blessed with nationally award-winning teachers, a supportive and inclusive culture, incredible sports teams, theatre and music, technical education, new LEED Platinum buildings, and more. But we've seen waste and problems in the District: failing or uncooperative charter schools, aging infrastructure, underused real estate assets, and the ongoing challenge of COVID-19. Like all schools in Pennsylvania, we have large expenses for special education--which is right and good--as well as our contributions to the employee retirement system (PSERS).

As if the material challenges of the District weren't enough, we are living in a time of deep partisan political divisions. While Peter is outspoken in his politics, he has a real track record of working with people of different and often opposing political viewpoints to get things done. He listens, gives people the benefit of the doubt, and works hard to find a path forward, preferably together.

Going forward, we need someone willing to take all of these issues on with the seriousness they deserve.


Peter will work on the Board and as an advocate for SCASD. He will:

  1. Push for reforms to the charter school law to increase transparency and accountability.

  2. Support teachers in their professional development so that we continue and extend our record of excellence.

  3. Support career and technical education programs that reflect dynamic changes in agriculture, energy, and tech.

  4. Empowers students to participate in democratic decision-making in their own schools.

  5. Advocate for reforms to the testing system in the state and advance standards that work for the 21st century, not special interests.

  6. Advocate for support and training for our local police and emergency management workers, including the training of tactical EMTs.

  7. Provide strong financial oversight of our $160 million budget.