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CLAIM: PA has the, "worst charter school law in the country," that is sending tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to non-public schools/institutions.


CLAIM: The clean energy economy added over 7,800 jobs in Pennsylvania from 2017-2019, while dirty energy jobs lost more than 2,500 jobs despite Mr. Benninghoff’s inaction or obstruction.


CLAIM: [The absence of] widely accessible rural broadband, [which] is costing the average Pennsylvania family $1,000 in lost opportunity cost each year.

SOURCE: The National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper 21321, titled "Usage-Based Pricing and Demand for Residential Broadband," July 2015.

CLAIM: [Benninghoff advanced] legislation that mandated the former from the Executive Branch and the Executive’s own adoption of a gift ban...


CLAIM: Benninghoff has voted to [cut] over $70 million from the Pennsylvania Department of Health over the last 10 years, cuts that impair the Commonwealth’s ability to respond to the coronavirus pandemic

SOURCE: Benninghoff vote on Budgets.

HB 1485 PN 2228 of 2011-2012; SB 1466 PN 2335 of 2011-2012; HB 218 PN 2196 of 2017-2018 

CLAIM: Benninghoff [failed] to inform his fellow legislators and covered up Andrew Lewis’s COVID-19 positive case for one week despite the fact that fellow legislators, their staff, and other employees return home to children in remission, elderly parents or spouses or immune-compromised family


CLAIM: [Benninghoff has taken] over $70,000 in campaign contributions from the natural gas industry alone.


CLAIM: [Benninghoff failed to take action on] methane, a known greenhouse gas that is over 70 times as potent as carbon dioxide and a significant driver of climate change


CLAIM: [Benninghoff has led the charge to] revoke the Governor’s disaster declaration without a realistic counter plan.


CLAIM: [Benninghoff advanced] a dubious Election Integrity Committee that seeks to further undermine confidence in the vote and could substantively interfere with election results in November 2020 until his constituents sent him an “overwhelming” message that he better not do it.

SOURCE: HR 1032 off 2019-2020 in the PA House.

CLAIM: Benninghoff voted against funding for Emergency Medical Services training.

SOURCE: The Governor's Emergency Declaration in March regarding the COVID-19 response includes a $20 million transfer of state funds to the Pennslyvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA). According to PEMA's website, "[PEMA] and the Pennsylvania Department of Health have partnered with the Public Health Foundation (PHF) to facilitate commonwealth-sponsored training for emergency response personnel throughout Pennsylvania." Benninghoff has voted several times to attempt to overturn the Governor's Declaration, which would take away funding for PEMA.

Sourcing for Benninghoff's efforts to overturn the Declaration is above (MCall).


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