Act Now: Corman & Benninghoff are Attacking Our Democracy

Updated: Nov 11


Please sign on to this open letter to demand that PA House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff and PA Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman stop their attacks on the legitimacy of the election results and our democracy. There was no voter fraud, and they know it. Tell them to end this political charade so we can actually begin the work of uniting the country. (And consider contributing to help us boost this message to the community).


Senator Corman and Representative Benninghoff should state clearly that voter fraud is a myth and that Pennsylvania’s election is legal and honorable. As Constitutional stewards, and the authors of our Election law, they should bow to the people’s will and validate the vote. Allegedly, PA House GOP will refuse to certify the electors. This is an unacceptable attack on our democracy.

People across the political spectrum invest their time and effort to peacefully defend democracy by counting votes under the law. In a nation that requires law and order, we have designed and put in place multiple ways to trust because we verify.

Secretaries of State, Governors, Judges of Elections, Election workers and Poll Watchers have observed no substantial voter fraud in 2020. When pressed to present evidence of widespread voter fraud in court, the GOP has been thrown out because they have “no evidence.” We don’t say this. Judges have.

While President Trump might personally struggle with Election results—where no other President has—"We the People of the United States” should not struggle. Nor should the people’s representatives.

Recently, Sen. Corman and Rep. Benninghoff have said they will not undermine the election. But Sen. Corman has attacked Secretary of State Boockvar while Rep. Benninghoff has blamed the Governor and the Supreme Court for delays. Considering that the Constitution expressly places the “time, place, and manner” of the Election in the hands of the Legislature, even a gerrymandered one, why are they attacking professionals who are following their laws?

Act 77 of 2019—passed in a bipartisan manner and signed into law by the Governor—expressly allowed for a 50-day mail-in period and the option to submit your ballot until 8:00 pm on Election Day. The Secretary of State has followed the law. After the Supreme Court tried to make sense of a deadline for vote-counting that the Legislature neglected, Secretary Boockvar had mail-ins received after Election Day put to the side. This was a responsible forethought. Justice Alito instructed the same thing later on.

Previously, the State Government Committee in the House moved on HR 1032, a phony election integrity resolution. It contained two things: a torrent of grievances and the establishment of a committee with a vague charge to ensure so-called election integrity. Citizens were so alarmed by HR 1032 that they demanded Rep. Benninghoff pull it. “This is not my resolution,” he told this paper. In an email to his caucus, he blamed the media and “outsiders.” This continues with the current moves in the House. Apparently, he and Speaker Cutler are not in charge. Who is?

Finally, Rep. Benninghoff’s staff has been using the term “legal ballots.” 99.99% of ballots are legal. When pressed by a reporter on whether there was voter fraud in Centre County, Commissioner Steve Dershem had to admit that there wasn’t any. Whether you live in Centre, Mifflin, Juniata, Clinton, Warren, McKean, Mifflin, Elk, Tioga, Philadelphia, Allegheny or Erie Counties, you’ve had good people working for you to protect your vote. The ballots are legal. 

Sen. Corman and Rep. Benninghoff should stop the rhetoric that is designed to undermine confidence in the vote. As stewards of our democratic republic, they should do better for us by standing for America, not a party.

We the undersigned,


Contact Senate Majority Leader Corman online or on the phone or in person:

Harrisburg Office 350 Main Capitol Harrisburg, PA 17120 Phone: (717) 787-1377 Fax: (717) 772-3146

Centre County District Office 236 Match Factory Place Bellefonte, PA 16823 Phone: (814) 355-0477 Fax: (814) 355-6046 Toll Free: (800) 828-7300

Mifflin County District Office 31 West Third Street Lewistown, PA 17044 Phone: (717) 242-2410 Fax: (717) 242-4775

Contact House Majority Leader Benninghoff online or on the phone or in person.

Bellefonte District Office 140 West High St. Bellefonte, PA 16823 814-355-1300 Toll-free: 888-285-6313 FAX: 814-355-3523 Hours: M-F 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Reedsville District Office 77 North Main Street PO Box 592 Reedsville, PA 17084 717-667-1175 FAX: 717-667-6025

Capitol Office 147 Main Capitol PO Box 202171 Harrisburg, PA 17120-2171 717-783-1918 TTY: 855-282-0614 FAX: 717-782-2913

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