Buck Campaign Bulletin - Week 1

11 Weeks To Go and Our Campaign is Growing!

Greetings Friends, Here we are, just about 11 weeks to go. What a time it is! Last week, I hosted an event on healthcare challenges in rural Pennsylvania with experts from Pennsylvania’s Office of Rural Health. Lisa Davis, Kelly Ann Braun, and Edward Tracey guided me through the challenges to access and affordability, oral and dental health, and the particular struggles of veterans. I learned so much. You can watch the recording of it online. Something that stuck out to me is how important broadband is. Not only is its absence costing families $1000 a year in lost opportunity, but it also hinders their ability to access specialists via telehealth and their kids from doing online schooling during this pandemic.  We have to treat broadband like other utilities: water, sewer, and electricity. The internet is simply too vital in modern life for the state to sit on its hands anymore. It is a top priority for me. We are gaining more volunteers every day. Do you want to join them? You can meet up (safely of course!) with core volunteers like Robert and walk some turf and drop literature. Maybe you’re like Susan and want to write personal postcards. Or you can join Micaela and write a letter to the editor.  If you’d like to host a meet-and-greet and fundraiser with me, I’m all yours. My campaign manager, Josh, and I love meeting new folks to spread the message. You can contact us at buckforpa@gmail.com. And if you have the means, consider donating $250, $100, $50, or $25 to my campaign. Your donations help us reach more voters. We have an entirely grassroots funding campaign now supported by people like you.  This past weekend, I met with folks in the atrium of the Allenway Building to organize for CCDC's day of action, and I spoke with the Unitarian Universalists from across Pennsylvania. In the coming weeks, we will have events with Joe Waltz, Ian Kidd, Scott Conklin, and Lee Griffin. Join us! MAKE PHONE CALLS! DROP LITERATURE! Thank you for all that you are doing to ensure that everyone in central Pennsylvania gets a fair shot at a bright future.  To today and tomorrow, Peter Buck

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