Buck Campaign Bulletin - Week 3

Going into September with Work to Do!

Hello Friends,

We’re a little under 9 weeks to go and I couldn’t be more humbled and honored by the help and support that I’ve been getting from people like you all across the 171st district. It’s really special, and I thank each and every one of you to the moon and back. This is where we start to build up speed & momentum for the final sprint to victory.


Last week was an exciting week for our campaign and this race. Thus far, our incredible volunteers have now mailed over 2500 postcards, dropped over 4200 pieces of literature, and made many phone calls. We need to keep this up because every new voter we reach is a possible supporter of mine, but they need to be asked. They might be Democrats, but as Tip O’Neill knows from that famous encounter with his neighbor who didn’t vote for him because he didn’t ask, we need to make sure to cover all the bases. 

We also had a very successful day of action, where I got a chance to meet many voters and volunteers. We sent out a few lit-drop packets and many postcard packs. Join them and take a lit-drop or postcard pack today! We’re finishing up Ferguson township and Harris Township this week - very easy to walk areas for any new beginners.

We also just updated the website with two new parts to my campaign’s platform: racial justice and legalization of marijuana. Check it out and let me know what you think!


Like you, I’ve been watching the news and I’m a bit disappointed and scared at what is happening both here at home and in Harrisburg. It has given me the energy to fight harder so that I can win this thing and begin the work of fixing our broken State Legislature.

First, I’m sure everyone has seen the videos that have circulated all over the Centre County area, which show the incoming Penn State freshmen partying and dancing without masks or social distance. I was outraged. 

My opponent was interviewed about it, and not only did he claim to not have seen the videos, but he also neglected to comment on a proper response. He said, “he believes Penn State will make the right decisions,” but won’t actually offer any guidance to the university. They partied in East Halls, in HISdistrict! Those are HIS constituents. It is HIS duty to stand up and say something. I made my opinions very clear in a video that I posted on Facebook about this very issue.

Next, we head to Harrisburg, where the Republicans, led by my opponent, have voted down measure after measure that attempt to save lives as students across the Commonwealth are returning to school. 

Here’s how Kerry Benninghoff and his Republican team voted: 

  • Voted against requiring student-athletes to wear masks at games (Amendment 6879 to HB2787)

  • Voted against requiring student-athlete COVID cases to be published (Amendment 6882)

  • Voted against requiring actual doctors to review back-to-school COVID plans (Amendment 6886)

  • Voted against limiting fans at sports events (Amendment 6898) 

This could put our childrens’ lives at risk. I support student-athletes playing...safe from the virus. The GOP’s strategy though is just to throw everyone to the wolves and hope it’s okay. That’s irresponsible. But every one of these instances just energized me more to work hard on the issues.


There’s never a dull moment on my campaign, whether we’re doing a live webinar event, lit-dropping to spread the word, writing postcards, or calling voters. So, why not join me? We’ve got lit-drops left in Ferguson Township, Harris Township, Walker Township, Spring Township, and many more in-between. Grab a stack and hit the streets with us!


This Sunday, September 6th, we’ll be having a small, in-person event at Tussey Mountain with some really awesome, locally-grown food and a little concert featuring Andy Tollins and friends. Tickets are $75 each, and very limited. We are capping this event at 25 people, per social distancing capacities. So, if you can make it, grab your ticket before it sells out! 


I recognize that the news isn’t all bad. Deep below the stories of massive super-spreader events and blatantly disrespectful actions in the community, there are stories of good people doing the right thing and helping one another during this time. In addition, some of you live in municipalities and school districts whose leaders are taking this seriously. Thank them. Let them know that you care that they are doing the right thing. Let them know that you appreciate them for helping to save lives. I know I certainly do.

MAKE PHONE CALLS! DROP LITERATURE! Thank you for all that you are doing to ensure that everyone in central Pennsylvania gets a fair shot at a bright future.  To today and tomorrow, Peter Buck

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