Buck Campaign Bulletin - Week 4

This race is heating up with just 8 weeks left. Let's get to work.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for all your doing to advance democracy today. Your commitment to our campaign gives me hope. It’s not just because we have the chance to flip a seat held by a PAC-blinded 24-year career politician. I’m heartened by your dedication to fairness, critical thinking, and community. You’re a true democratic citizen.  

Before you read any further, if you can, sign up to volunteer this weekend for our major road trip event from Mifflin to Bellefonte - lit-dropping, postcards, and more!

Last week was a good week. We passed a major fundraising milestone of $50,000, participated in a Centre County Democrats day of action, and met up with voters to talk about forests, farms, and renewable energy. I hiked with a small group of donors to learn about the issues that matter to them and show them why I love Penn’s Woods. On Saturday I went to Riversongs to support the Penns Valley Conservation Association. (Full disclosure: I chair their Environmental Education Board and serve on their Exec Board.)

On Sunday, we held an intimate concert at Tussey Mountain with Andy Tolins and Richard Sleigh. They played “Your Mind Is On Vacation” by Mose Allison (link to video). 

Life is short & talk is cheap Don’t make promises you can’t keep If you don’t like the song I’m singin’ grin & bear it But all I can say is if the shoe fits wear it

Some wisdom about career politicians? I think so.

This week I’ll be attending local Board meetings, meeting with nurses, Lee Griffin (our candidate for Congress!), with Penn State about Coronavirus, and reporters. With just 8 weeks to go until election day, there is a lot of ground to cover fast. If you’d like to be a part of it, you can...

  • Sign up to volunteer. Join community members like Micaela who’s written hundreds and hundreds of postcards with friends. Hang door hangers like Emma, Sue, Robert and Jacob.

  • Help us with a donation. Whether it’s $15, $35, $100 or $250, know that your contribution goes to reaching more voters with a message of accountability so that we can fight for a brighter future for everyone.

  • Do you have a sign out on your lawn? Send us a picture at buckforpa@gmail.com, share it on social media and tag us @BuckForPA on Twitter and Instagram or Peter Buck for State Representative on Facebook.

  • Don't have one? Stop by the Centre County Democratic Headquarters on Allen Street in State College on Wednesdays, Fridays, or Saturdays from 11-3 or email my campaign manager!

HAPPY HOUR - THIS FRIDAY from 4:30 - 6:30

This Friday at 5 pm, join me for Happy Hour on Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86333644200. Anyone can join me from 4:30 – 6 pm. Grab a local beer, cider, wine, coffee, tea, milk, ice cream, or whatever you like, get your computer and let’s talk. It’s an informal gathering where we can talk about whatever you want to. In honor of the day, we will take some time to talk about September 11th, 2001 and its impact on our lives, our nation, and the world. FROM MIFFLIN TO CENTRE WITH JOE WALTZ FROM 9:30AM-3PM

Join our day of action from Mifflin County to Bellefonte and beyond with Joe Waltz on Saturday, September 12th. Joe’s a retired teacher running against Stephanie Borowicz in the 76th District (Centre & Clinton Counties). Join us at Bender Park in the morning in Reedsville, Governor’s Park in Bellefonte at lunch and then into the 76th District to help out Joe. Will we see you? 


As Penn State students return and cases are on the rise, the State College Area School District and other districts in the region have been acting responsibly and are making decisions in the best interests of a healthy community. They are protecting us. We must thank them.  My opponent? He lead an effort to overturn the Governor's emergency disaster declaration for the FOURTH time!  When Benninghoff talks about responsibility, he has nothing to stand on. If it were up to him and the GOP gang, Penn State students would have gathered in the quad, whenever and however they want. If people get sick? Oh well. That’s their problem. That’s not leadership. That’s a dereliction of duty. Here’s what they should do: Put together a bicameral and bipartisan gang of sixteen legislators (four from each party from the House and the Senate), assemble a group of public health professionals, business leaders from major sectors, and executive branch representatives. Work around the clock to bring together legislation that the Governor could actually pass under the circumstances and keep going. Benninghoff’s no-holds-barred steel cage match hurts Pennsylvanians. It’s a perfect example of why I’m running.


I’ll give you updates on the Governor’s Recreational Marijuana proposal, voting integrity, events, candidate interviews, reporters and fundraisers with you and your friends. MAKE PHONE CALLS! DROP LITERATURE! Thank you for all that you are doing to ensure that everyone in central Pennsylvania gets a fair shot at a bright future.  To today and tomorrow, Peter Buck

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