Buck Campaign Bulletin - Week 6

Let's Kick this into High Gear  with just Six Weeks to Go!

Hello Friends and Supporters, We have exactly six weeks until Election Day. Do you have a plan to vote? Does it involve getting more people to turn out? I hope so. Before I go on, take a moment to thank Ruth Bader Ginsberg for all she did for us. As one of my volunteers, Hilary Caldwell, wrote on her blog, “[T]o fail or cease to act would be diametrically opposed to the way RBG lived. So let us not be daunted. Let the memory of her life continue to inspire action in all of us.” Hilary gives us 10 action items to honor the Notorious RGB which include registering to vote, calling on our leaders to take action, volunteering in politics, and donating to campaigns. As someone who’s worked in (what used to be called) Penn State’s Center for Women Students and has been a staunch ally of women’s rights—whether about equal pay or the right to plan her family—I will fight on RBG’s team for the rest of my life. Each week that I reach more voters, the more confident I become that we are breaking through with an optimistic vision for the future of central Pennsylvania. More to the point, I’m finding that with a minority of stubbornly cranky people, folks recognize that we need to put aside grievances built on distrust, disinformation, and disgust. We are tired of partisan hackery unless we are paid to give ourselves to it. People want ...

  • action on climate change. I’ve led the Centre Region on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and the preservation of Pennsylvania’s farms, streams and forests.

  • a fair districting process and a fair map. As a supervisor I worked with my board to call on the State Legislature to work on a Constitutional Amendment to guarantee an independent commission.

  • transparency from their Representatives and big money out of politics. I am a straight shooter who will publish my calendar and refuses money from polluters. My campaign is funded by 700 individual contributions from real people, not PACs.

  • police reforms that respect our rights and keep them safe. As a supervisor, I was on the Board of the first municipality to put body cameras on officers.

  • broadband and investments in public health. I’ve advocated consistently for treating broadband as a utility and funding EMS.

I am of, by and for the people. My opponent? Let’s just suffice to say that he’s powered by polluters and leave it at that for today.

In conversation with multiple stakeholders, I continued to press for action on COVID-19 testing for people in central Pennsylvania. I had hoped that Centre County would be able to structure some CARES Act funding for testing teachers, especially in the State College Area School District. It can’t be done because the money is already structured and ready to be allocated. However, the Department of Health will be making testing available at the Nittany Mall on September 25, 26, 29, and 30 as well as October 1 and 2. While this doesn’t deal with the acute need to get State College’s children safely back in school, I applaud the measure. 

On Thursday, I met with Centre County Commissioner Mark Higgins to learn the ins and outs of voting leading up to November. Rest assured that the Centre County commissioners have set up a robust, transparent, and secure system for voting this fall. Seven drop boxes will be stationed across the district for dropping off mail-in ballots, one mobile drop box will criss-cross the County and they have established a location for rapid counting on Election Day. For more information on Centre County voting, please consult the Centre County elections website. Mifflin County will not have drop boxes set up. Learn about how they are handling elections at their website. You can feel free to reach out to my campaign as well with questions.

Just so you know, there are zero instances of voter fraud in central Pennsylvania. It’s a non-issue.

On Friday and Saturday of last week, I was in Millheim and Mifflin County for some music, roadside clean-up, and talk with voters. Their concerns ran the gamut. They included transparency and fair treatment by officials, regulation of sewage treatment plants, charter school reforms, and the legalization of cannabis. Yes, I’m for it.

Something else stuck out. Dozens of people have told me how people are vandalizing Biden/Harris signs and lawns. Of course, I’ve seen them. I wish people would just grow up. Rotten apples fall close to rotten trees, I guess. 

Finally, we are working with a full-service media shop for political advertising. You’ll see what’s coming soon!

This week, I’ve been attending municipal meetings, organizing the coming week's events on education and mental health, and attending a fundraiser. Join us!


Thank you for all that you are doing to ensure that everyone in central Pennsylvania gets a fair shot at a bright future.  To today and tomorrow, Peter Buck

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