Buck hosts Climate Change experts for 50th Earth Week

Peter Buck, candidate for State Representative in the 171st legislative district, will host a 50th Earth Week panel this Thursday, April 23rd at 7 pm, with community climate leaders Dr. Michael E. Mann and Brandi Robinson. This will be part of an ongoing live-stream series Buck has been hosting.

The two panelists are experts in the science and action on climate change. Dr. Michael E Mann is Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at Penn State. He is one of the world’s leading researchers on Earth’s climate, the author or co-author of four books on climate change. He recently returned from Australia where he spoke with the public regularly as the 2019-2020 wildfires unfolded. Brandi Robinson is the Chair of the Ferguson Township Climate Action Committee and the chair of the Centre Region’s Technical Advisory Group for climate action and adaptation planning. She also teaches in Geography, Energy and Sustainability Policy, and the Renewable Energy and Sustainable Systems programs at Penn State.

“As COVID-19 has turned lives upside down, we we need to keep our eyes on our changing climate,” Buck said. State and national reports have shown that the climate crisis has cost Pennsylvanians hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage from flooding, lost profit in agriculture, recreation and tourism, and health impacts from increased heat stress, asthma, and new diseases. "With the Coronavirus making work and life much more difficult, we have to act even faster to make sure people understand why the climate is changing and what we can do about it,” Buck said.

Buck and his panelists will discus the science, the impacts on Pennsylvania, what is happening at the local level to take action, and what we can do about it. They will talk about clean and renewable energy and secure transition away from fossil fuels, conserving our forests and streams where we hunt, fish, and explore, and by working with our farmers to stay productive and draw down greenhouse gas emissions. “Ultimately,” Buck said, "this is about making sure that all of us in central Pennsylvania are getting a fair chance at a brighter future."

Buck has been a local and state climate leader for several years. As a Ferguson Township supervisor, he has led the way. “In 2017, a number of constituents in the township reached out and asked what we could do about climate change. So I acted.” He drafted local legislation, cooperated with his Board to invest in solutions in our parks, our forests, our buildings and vehicles, and that listened to business and community members. Currently, he chairs a regional intergovernmental working group on solar power that is looking to bring solar power to central Pennsylvania’s municipal governments. Through his work at Penn State, he has gotten to work with local, state, and national organizations, including being part of Penn State’s team that secured the largest solar agreement in Pennsylvania.

The April 23 panel will stream via Zoom at 7 pm. Questions will be take during the panel in the Chat and the Question and Answer features. More information about logging into the call and Buck’s campaign are available on his candidate Facebook page, Buck for PA, and at buckforpa.com.


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