COVID-19 has created a crisis. Don’t choose to make it a catastrophe.

Today, my best friend is getting ready to go to work in an assisted care facility in Seattle. Another friend is readying herself to undergo cancer surgery in Pennsylvania. My mother is sheltering in place in Florence, Italy. They all fear COVID-19.

Recently, my campaign for the state legislature hosted a COVID-19 panel with Drs. Nita Bharti and Beth McGraw from Penn State’s Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics. At a time of great uncertainty, I needed to provide the public with the best information available. Knowledge and caution are our allies. Ignorance and hubris are our enemies. Here is what I learned.

This virus is new, stealthy, and potent. No person has immunity. Any one of us can be a carrier and any one of us can get sick. For the elderly and those with suppressed immune systems, contact can lead to a critical situation or death. If too many of us get sick too fast, we could overwhelm our health care system. While it might seem as though COVID-19 is an urban problem, it is not. Our rural health care infrastructure, too-long neglected in Pennsylvania, could buckle and break under an outbreak here. Right now, we are in a crisis. Don’t choose to make it a catastrophe. How can you help?

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