Elections are secure. Suggesting otherwise is dangerous to the Republic.


We have to be honest, direct and unapologetic about something: voter fraud is a myth. People of both parties and no party at all invest their time and effort into the defense of that most sovereign of institutions in American life, the Election. Poll workers in and across the United States are trained and observed. If they break the law, there are severe penalties. Voters who break the law are subject to fines and penalties. The system is designed to have multiple ways to catch fraud, to ensure that your vote is counted and that it is done with integrity. To attack Elections is to attack the most fundamental piece of the United States's form of government, the democratic republic.

Secretaries of State, Governors, Judges of Elections, Election workers and Poll Watchers from across the political spectrum have observed absolutely no voter fraud in the 2020 Election. None. When pressed to present evidence of voter fraud, they have been thrown out of Court because they have “no evidence.” I didn’t say this, judges of both parties have said this.

To say that I am disappointed in the President of the United States would be an understatement. He had signaled for months that he would not accept the outcome of the Election. While I can’t say that I’m surprised about him, I am surprised how the Pennsylvania Republican leadership has done everything they can to muddy the waters about this election, both ahead of time and today.

Sen. Corman has attacked Secretary of State Boockvar while Rep. Benninghoff has blamed the Governor and the Supreme Court for meddling with the Election. This is quite an irony considering that the Constitution expressly places the “time, place, and manner” of the Election in the hands of the Legislature. When they passed Act 77 in 2019, they expressly allowed for mail-in voting, 50-day mail-in period, created a permanent mail-in and absentee ballot list, added 15 days to register to vote and the option to submit your ballot until 8:00 pm on Election Day. That last part is critical. The Legislature had agreed that you should be able to submit your ballot until 8:00 pm on Election Day. So everything that’s coming from the gerrymandered majority leadership is a bunch of verbal acrobatics trying to place blame on Democrats.

The Governor and the Secretary of State are following the law they wrote. The Supreme Court attempted to make sense of something—a deadline for vote-counting—that the Legislature had neglected. Thankfully, Secretary Boockvar had all those mail-ins received after Election Day placed to the side. This was a responsible forethought given that Justice Alito instructed the same thing.

Finally, Rep. Benninghoff’s staff has been using the term “legal ballots.” 99.99% of ballots are legal. When pressed by a reporter on whether there was voter fraud in Centre County, Commissioner Steve Dershem had to admit that there wasn’t any. But it must be in Philadelphia. You think people in Philly want voter fraud? No! They want every rightly completed ballot counted the same as every voter in Warren, McKean, Mifflin, Elk and Tioga Counties do. The ballots are legal. So stop the rhetoric that is designed to undermine confidence in the vote. It will come back to bite you when you don’t have the power.

We shouldn’t be distracted by this nonsense. Pure and simple, it is simply more reaching for power by sowing distrust and discord that undermines law and order.

I encourage you all to keep contacting Rep. Benninghoff and demanding that he keep his hands off the Election and walk back his rhetoric. You can do that online or by calling his offices.


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