Four Days from the Big Day!

Good afternoon Friends. I just got back from a walk in the Game Lands with my dogs. The wet red oak leaves crunched under my feet as the light waxed on this gray morning. Last Sunday, I walked the Mid-State Trail on Tussey Ridge from Joe Hay’s Vista out to the power line where people count migrating raptors. The Sunday before that, I hiked from West Chestnut Street in Pine Grove Mills up toward Kepler Road. When I was a kid, that’s where I’d walk my Shetland Sheep Dog, Oliver, the first place I think I’d call a respite in my life. For me, running for office has been a kind of coming home again and again, but with others. As I’ve made my way across the 171st, I meet people who love their home, their families, and their communities. They love the peace of our woods and streams, the quiet of country life, our little towns, and our bigger towns. They look at the future, though, and worry. When we talk, they know that things are changing and they are looking for a leader who will honor our way of life and help navigate into a brighter future that works for them, their kids, and for all of us. They are tired of division. They are tired of ugliness. They want someone who will stand up from a place of love and walk for truth and justice. While I know that I am just one person, an irascible boy from central Pennsylvania, I work to be that person because I believe that person is needed. I am trying to be the change we want in the world. And I’m so honored that you’ve joined with me. Because it is about us. Senator Casey agrees. He endorsed my campaign last week.

Last night, Sarah Kipp gave me a preview of Jason DeLeon’s Hostile Terrain 94 at Penn State’s Art Alley the Hetzel Union Building. This installation maps the deaths of immigrants across Arizona’s Sonoran desert using deceased people’s toe tags as markers. Sarah showed us how people across the Commonwealth filled out the tags during Zoom meetings. As they filled the tags out, students, teachers and community members would talk about how old the individuals were, their causes of death including exposure or homicide. They wondered about personal details like their beautiful names. Or they made art in memory. We also talked about how art can create a way for us to talk about hard things. Immigration is surely one of those things today. I encourage you all to visit the exhibition at the HUB at Penn State’s main campus. It will be up through November.

We need to vote. Get your neighbor to vote. We’ve seen the incredible early numbers in Harris and College Townships. WOW!!! Some volunteers need some special thanks! Think we can get D’s out over 90% turnout? If you haven’t voted yet, PLEASE get your mail-in ballot to a drop box or to the County Election office. A Supreme Court decision could cause mailed ballots received after Nov. 3 to be thrown out. So either get them to a drop box, to your elections office or surrender your ballot in person on Election Day at your voting place and vote in person. You can learn more at  As many of you know, we put out a call to help us juice the radio market in the final weekend. You all responded with overwhelming support and we raised four times the amount we requested. That helps us reach even more people in the last weekend! Today is a full day! I’m getting a tour of CATA, talking with municipal managers and having lunch at Urbn Café in Bellefonte. I’ll be at the Bellefonte Art Museum at 2 pm. Meet up at Axemann Brewery at 4 pm, at Good Intent at 5:30 or at Big Spring at 7 pm.  Saturday, we will be in Millheim. Meet us at the Inglebean Café at noon or at Elk Creek Café Creekside at 1:30 and talking to folks throughout the afternoon. We will have copies of HR 171 with us. Sunday, we are still planning an event. We’ll let you know the final details. But hold your afternoon and consider joining a caravan out to Reedsville. Fingers crossed. Monday, you can meet me at Café Lemont at 10 am or the Naked Egg in Pine Grove Mills at noon. I’ll be back in Bellefonte later in the afternoon to meet with the Borough Manager and do a walk with Borough Council President, Joanne Tosti-Vasey. Then we have a GOTV phone bank at 6 (join us on Zoom!!) and then meeting with Penn State’s Black Caucus on Zoom for a listening session and conversation about our future. Tuesday. Well...VOTE!!! You can still sign up to make calls. Donations can still help us reach more people through online ads and the radio. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  To today and tomorrow, Peter Buck



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