Make Kerry a Partisan for Democracy


My former opponent is still hiding from his responsibility to defend democracy. He’s hiding the facts around HB 2626 & its poison pills & just playing a game that devalues your vote. You should call him or write to him today (see below).

HB 2626 was a voter access killer. First, it would have reset the application deadline for mail-in ballots back to 15 days before the election. Second, it removed the possibility of ballot drop boxes besides at the county election office, designated county courthouses, or polling places on Election Day. Third, it would allow poll workers to come from outside the county where a polling place is located, increasing the possibility of voter intimidation. Fourth, 2626 didn’t pass unanimously...unless you’re a Republican. It got a 112-90 vote. That’s certain partisan blindness. So these statements & those like them are either spin or outright lies.

The Republicans could have actually secured your vote & made a cleaner, more efficient & rapid process with a clean bill. They didn’t. They wasted your time & money with bad bills & frivolous lawsuits.

No matter the result of the election in Pennsylvania, the Legislature needs to put together a TRULY bipartisan committee to understand what worked and what did not during 2020. It should not be a majority vs. minority committee with advantage given to either party.

Some might say, "Well, that's what HR 1032 was supposed to do." 1032 wasn't crafted in a bipartisan fashion as any Democrat in the House can tell you. It also gave a 3:2 advantage to Republicans. Finally, it was put forward amidst R lawsuits attacking the Election system.

If Representative Benninghoff wants to move ahead on this, I urge him to be a partisan for DEMOCRACY by focusing on collegiality, transparency & security regarding the Constitutional decree for the "time, place and manner" for future elections. The Commonwealth's citizens need assurances from our leaders that their votes & voices count.

I can’t wait for fair districts so we can correct these derelictions of duty.

Rep. Benninghoff is always available to hear from you. I urge you to continue to let him know that he needs to protect your voice and your vote.

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