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Today's Centre Daily Times features a letter by Thomas Hale. It's a blistering critique of Rep. Benninghoff's handling of HR 1032, the fake Election Integrity Commission. Hale says, "Rep. Benninghoff’s rapid reaction to the many complaints to his office about H[R] 1032 and his admission, when pressed, that the legislature should have nothing to do with regulating the election do not add up to a “profile in courage.”

He cites the numerous attacks Republicans, including President Trump, have mounted on our election system. But some are standing up to these bullying tactics, including Sully Sullenberger who has called on Americans to vote out the President. Mr. Hale adds, "I say the same about Representative Benninghoff, but with a four extra words: “vote Peter Buck in.”

Thank you Mr. Hale!


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