Peter takes part in the League of Women Voters Candidates Night

Last week, Peter attended the League of Women Voters Meet the Candidates night. Buck answered questions about his background and leadership.

Peter talked about addressing polarization through community dialogue and the ending of gerrymandering. Peter shared his work on the state's largest solar power project, his teamwork to rise to the challenge of human-caused climate change and the need to invest in renewable energy, forest conservation and sustainable agriculture. Our elections are sacred and they work because people of all political viewpoints work on and volunteer to ensure they're safe, secure, transparent and conducted with the utmost integrity. Peter discussed property tax reform. He supports property tax relief for disabled veterans. He also said we need that reform to come along with school funding reform and especially the charter school. the worst charter school law in the country. He closed by saying that he believes everyone deserves a fair shot at a bright future and his background in education, community service and attention to the big and small issues gives citizens a real and viable choice.

His opponent, gerrymandered House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff did not attend. Sadly, this was no surprise. Benninghoff and large numbers of GOP incumbents across Pennsylvania were magically unable to show up to respond to voters. That includes not just Benninghoff but Reps. Borowicz (HD 76) and Irvin (HD 81). Funny, Democratic incumbent Scott Conklin (HD 77) showed up to contrast his record with Republican challenger Steve Yetsko. The GOP's gerrymandered majority and their leader seem to hold citizens in contempt, refusing to provide voters with opportunities to contrast with their challengers. Our democracy loses when our leaders don't show up for us.

It's time for a change.

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