Rep. Benninghoff, how about some real, bipartisan election integrity and security?

No matter the result of the election in Pennsylvania, the Legislature needs to put together a TRULY bipartisan committee to understand what worked and what did not during 2020. It should not be a majority vs. minority committee with advantage given to either party. Some might say, "Well, that's what HR 1032 was supposed to do." 1032 wasn't crafted in a bipartisan fashion as any Democrat in the House can tell you. It also gave a 3:2 advantage to Republicans. Finally, it was put forward amidst R lawsuits attacking the Election system.

If Representative Benninghoff wants to move ahead on this, I urge him to be a partisan for DEMOCRACY by focusing on collegiality, transparency & security regarding the Constitutional decree for the "time, place and manner" for future elections. The Commonwealth's citizens need assurances from our leaders that their votes & voices count.

Rep. Benninghoff is always available to hear from you. I urge you to continue to let him know that he needs to protect your voice and your vote.

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