Seven Days Away From Victory!

Updated: Oct 27

Hi Friends,

As we near Election Day, I keep being struck by the quality of my team and your enthusiasm to flip this seat. Since the beginning, I knew that it would take new friends and old friends, diehard deep blue Democrats, fed-up Independents, and discerning Republicans who see that I will work for them over a political party. I knew we would need seasoned neighbors in Boalsburg, Linden Hall, Bellefonte, Millheim, and Reedsville chatting with their friends and family. It would take talent, late hours, phone calls, and speeches.

But I had no idea what our team would end up looking like and what fun we would have made the case for everyone’s fair shot at a bright future.

A few months ago, a woman reached out to me. She was a stage actor forced into unemployment by COVID-19. She’d moved back to the area to be with family. When we talked, she asked me about my positions on race, decarceration, and amplifying the voices of people of color. 

After talking, we could hear in one another the drive to make a more perfect union. In order for the United States, Pennsylvania, and Centre and Mifflin Counties to redress unrightable wrongs, we needed a leader who would unequivocally and unabashedly say, “Black Lives Matter” and advocate for social and legislative change. At that point, I was working with local Black leaders to put together a panel on racial justice, marching, coordinating a project for environmental justice at Penn State, and figuring out ways to advance a police whistleblower protection law called Cariol’s Law brought to me by a local organization, Strategies for Justice. Hilary became a volunteer.

A couple of weekends ago, I was asked to sing a few songs for the Veterans for Biden event. One of our local organizers knew that I was a musician. So was Hilary. So she helped me pick songs and joined me. We had fun. But it was just the beginning.

Our friend Cindy, active in Moms Demand Action, has a blue 80’s F-150 that she’s decked out in flags: VOTE!, Biden and Harris, and the American flag. Like lots of us, she’s tired of seeing fake patriots fly the red, white and blue as if they own the “real” America. Funny that they worship a (fake) reality TV personality who’s done so much to undermine American leadership in the world. But I digress. 

Since Cindy was at the Vets for Biden event, I said, “Cindy, can we do a musical tour of the 171st with your truck?” We got it all set up. Hilary, my drummer buddy Jimmy (from local band Spider Kelly), and I would join a caravan led by the #LittleBlueTruck at Spring Creek Park and then take off to Lemont, Pine Grove Mills, Reedsville, Millheim and Bellefonte. We would play the Beatles, The Proclaimers, Johnny Cash and “Tubthumpin’” by Chumbawumba (with new lyrics about voting)! Kids would come. Grandparents. What fun!

Then it got even better. After last weekend’s Centre County Dems meeting with Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, our volunteer Katie connected me with Kenyatta. In case you don’t know, Kenyatta is the first openly gay, Black Representative in the PA House and a freshmen Representative wunderkind. He blew up HR 1032 on The Rachel Maddow Show a few weeks back. You know, that Resolution we rallied against and got Kerry to pull from the floor. 

Kenyatta wanted to do an event with my campaign. “How about joining us for a tour of the District in an obnoxious truck with flags & a three-person band playing in different little towns?” I asked.

“Sign me up,” he said.

What a great day it was! We were joined by brand new and longtime supporters and neighboring candidate Ian Kidd (HD-81). Kenyatta and I—and our team of citizens—KNOW that our fates are woven together in one garment of destiny. By coming together, we know we can work together to make a government that improves the lives of children, families and grandparents in Erie, Reedsville, Scranton, Indiana, Forest Hills, Millheim and Philadelphia. 

We chatted with voters from every corner of the District and carried a message we all know deep in our hearts. A government of, by, and for the people of this great Commonwealth must be one that invests in every person, no matter the color of their skin or the structure of their family. Whether they are old or young, rural or suburban or urban, or whether they are white, black or brown, we must provide people security and health, support them when times are hard, advance them with a great and fair system of education, lift them up with true economic opportunity and protect and care for the Creation so that the Creation can continue to provide for us. 

And just to put a punctuation on how much the message matters, 12-year-old Zachary gave my campaign a $10 donation. 

Thank you, Cindy. Thank you, Katie. Thank you, Ian. Thank you, Rep. Kenyatta. Thank you, Zachary.

Thank you, Hilary. We have come full circle from our first conversation to hosting Malcolm Kenyatta.

Thank YOU for supporting my campaign!

What's next? Victory!

You can always... ·       Host an online or (safe) in-person event with Peter. If you want to get your friends and neighbors together to learn more, build will and help with fundraising, drop us an email: There’s nothing better than friends spreading the word. ·       Sign up to phonebank. WE the home stretch here. If you can give us just an hour of your time on a virtual phone bank, we'd be so appreciative. ·       Help us with a donation. Every bit helps. ·       Do you have a sign out on your lawn? Send us a picture at, share it on social media and tag us @BuckForPA on Twitter and Instagram or Peter Buck for State Representative on Facebook. Don't have one? Get in touch and we’ll get you one!


Thank you for all that you are doing to ensure that everyone in central Pennsylvania gets a fair shot at a bright future.  To today and tomorrow, Peter Buck


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