The GOP has to stop attacking our elections

Marley Parish wrote a story in last week's Centre Daily Times about recent clashes over HR 1032.

Despite passing bipartisan election reforms last year, Pennsylvania Democrats and Republicans have been battling over policies related to the November general election, citing concerns about voter fraud and election misconduct.

The latest effort comes in the form of a resolution — House Resolution 1032 — which would create a committee of five House lawmakers — three Republicans and two Democrats — to investigate and review the general election and make recommendations for subsequent elections.

As I said to Ms. Parish, “House Resolution 1032 is an attempt to circumvent elections as they’ve been conducted for a long time. It was a “barely veiled attack to wreak havoc” on the general election. “Yes, the June primary had some challenges to it. Of course, it did. We’re conducting an election during a pandemic, but the paranoia about voter fraud or a lack of transparency or integrity in the election is just nuts.”

And we beat it. Following a rally and a torrent of objections from citizens, gerrymandered House Majority Leader--my opponent--Kerry Benninghoff pulled it from a vote that would have taken place on October 19th. Now we have to keep up the momentum, protect our elections and finally vote these guys out!

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