"The most effective person that I know..." Letters supporting Peter's candidacy.

The letters are coming into the Centre Daily Times!

"If I lived in the 171st District I would pull the lever for Peter Buck as State Representative." Thank you, Mr. Mason.

"You ask why I support Peter Buck to represent the 171st District? Well, I’ll tell you — I was a participant in his class on Sustainability Leadership two years ago. He is the most effective person that I know in facilitating conversations between people with opposing views, to gain a consensus on which way to proceed. As we worked in small groups of six in our class, he taught us to listen to each other carefully, before we planned our next step in the conversation, so that we could find common ground, and work out from there." Thank you, Joan. It was an honor to work with you and all of the other students in my class.

"An award-winning educator, outdoorsman and highly regarded community leader with years of government service —chairing Ferguson Township’s Board of Supervisors — Peter Buck has a record of protecting our air, water, and land and the health of our community." Thank you, Ms. Amateau!

"It’s time to end Benninghoff’s career as a lifetime politician. It’s time to vote Benninghoff out and Peter Buck in on Nov. 3rd. Peter Buck is dedicated to creating and sustaining a healthy environment for all Pennsylvanians now and in the future. Buck has a track record of preserving forests, streams and farms and moving solar energy forward." Thank you Ms. Heritage!

"[Buck and I] served together on a number of committees in the Centre Region Council of Governments. Peter has had a profound influence on my work on Borough Council and he has been a “go-to” person for me on environmental issues. The resolution I wrote in 2019 pledging State College borough to carbon neutrality by 2050 was modeled after a similar resolution Peter wrote for Ferguson Township in 2017. Those resolutions prompted the Council of Governments to form a Climate Action committee (on which Peter serves) in order to meet those pledges. Peter will go to work on other issues as well. He is a strong advocate of fair legislative districting, of investments in broadband (much needed in rural parts of the 171st) and in public health, of transparency (he has pledged to make his calendar public) and of getting big money out of politics." Thank you, Mr. Barlow! You are one of the most effective leaders I know in the region.

"It is possible that Benninghoff may not get a chance to draw his own district (and others). He is facing a challenge in November from Peter Buck, who favors reform. Unfortunately Jake Corman has a few years before the seat he inherited from his father (first elected 43 years ago) is up for review.

"Time to throw out politicians whose idea of “leadership” is to dole out patronage and rig the rules to prevent challengers. We need someone to step up and defend government of, by, and for, the people of Pennsylvania." Thank you, Mr. Van den Berg. It's time to fairly redistrict the Commonwealth.

Though unpublished, who could forget the inimitable J. Harlan Ritchey?

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