Welcome to Team Buck Email Blasts! (First)

Welcome to Team Buck! We've got some work to do.

Hi Friends,  When I decided to run for State Representative, who knew what was to come? My decision to run was guided by a deep love of home, experience that matters, a can-do attitude, knowledge about how the world was changing, and deep disappointment in our Legislature. I had to run and do my part to ensure that every Pennsylvanian got a fair shot a bright future. Little did I suspect that 2020 would shape up to be the most turbulent year of our lifetimes, one that calls for change in Harrisburg.

Today, we need new leadership. Over the last decade, I have worked on all of these issues as a township and regional government official, as an education and a volunteer, I've worked with nurses and epidemiologists. At Penn State, I manage a project focused on environmental justice and racial equality. No one will ever get me to stop work climate change, clean energy, and the conservation of our air, water, forests, and streams. And during my campign, I've held online events on these issues, proving that I take them seriously, that I can always listen and learn, and that I am looking to the future for our communities. 

My opponent Kerry Benninghoff? Sure, he's a nice guy. But he's stuck in the past, out of touch, and locked into a corrupted status quo. 

As a 24-year incumbent legislator, he's the local face of every problem I listed above. He covered up a positive COVID-19 case in the House. Rural broadband infrastructure? Shrugs it off as too expensive. It's strange that as a taxpayer "hawk," he refuses to deal with the calamitous impact of the nation's worst charter school law. As a former whip and now the House Majority Leader, he's killed countless bills that would provide meaningful change to Pennsylvanians. And when the natural gas industry shows up, he can't jump high enough or fast enough. No wonder he's received a 0% rating on the newest Conservation PA report card. Perhaps most appalling of all, Kerry has refused to reform the system for fair districting. I used to race mountain bikes. The guys who cut the course or dope to win are the worst. We have a doped legislature. How can they be proud of a victory (a majority) that comes from cheating....especially when they know it? I'll never understand. Kerry is in power because they cheated, because he cheated. He has to go. People want that change. On June 2nd, we turned out over 7,700 Democrats in the primary for the 171st, while Kerry garnered 8,795 Republicans. I overperformed and he underperformed. Without factoring in Independents or fed-up Republicans (and believe me, there are lots!), we had an impressive showing, and it proves that people are hungry for a change.  I'm excited to step in and lead for central Pennsylvania. My team has volunteers across the district and a grassroots campaign that has already raised over $40,000! We have doorhangers, postcards, yard signs, bumper stickers, campaign buttons, and a message that resonates. We just need your help getting it out to the people of the 171st. So please, take an hour or two of your time, and pick up a stack of doorhangers to drop on doors, make some phone calls, or write some postcards. I would be eternally grateful.  MAKE PHONE CALLS! DROP LITERATURE! Thank you for all that you are doing to ensure that everyone in central Pennsylvania gets a fair shot at a bright future.  To today and tomorrow, Peter Buck

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